Firing four people, dog thief beaten to death

VietNamNet Bridge – Seeing two dog thieves firing on chasers, hundreds of outraged villagers rushed to the road to catch and beat a thief to death. Nghe An: Two dog thieves beaten to deathThe battle between people and dog thievesBac Ninh: Two dog thieves shoot provincial official dead

The motorbike of a dog thief in Nghe An was burnt by people.The motorbike of a dog thief in Nghe An was burnt by people.

At around 4am on June 19, Pham Van Chien, 31, a resident of Thanh Hung commune, Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province and another man rode a motorcycle to An Son Village in Thach Binh commune, Thach Thanh district to catch dogs.

The dog thieves were detected by local people and chased by several men. On the run, the dog thieves shot the chasers with homemade guns. At least four people were injured and taken to the local hospital.

Being so angry with the risk-taking and audacious behavior of the dog thieves, hundreds of people rushed into the road to block and catch the dog thieves. Finally, they caught Chien. Many people used sticks and hoes to beat Chien to death.

The same day, after completing the scene examination procedures and autopsy, Thanh Hoa police handed the body of the thief to his family for funeral. The police are identifying the other thief.

In the central provinces, several dog thieves were recently beaten to death by people. On June 10, a number of people of Tan Thanh commune, Dien Chau district in Nghe An province severely beaten two dog thieves and burnt their motorcycle. When the police came, thousands of people blocked the road to prevent the authorities from taking the thieves to hospital. One of them later died.

M. Lan

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