Exhibition on Titanic in France

RMS TitanicRMS Titanic

A century after the world’s largest ship sank, an exhibition showcasing more than 280 artefacts retrieved from the Titanic’s debris field co-organised by the Premiers Exhibitions Company and RMS Titanic, Inc will open at the Paris Museum of Letters and Manuscripts in the French capital.

Titanic, the world’s largest ship, sank after colliding with an iceberg, claiming more than 1,500 lives and shaking the world’s confidence in the infallibility of modern technology. The exhibition will offer visitors a poignant look at this legendary ship and its passengers and crew.

Many unique items will be displayed, such as perfume belonging to a manufacturer travelling to New York to sell his samples, or china bearing the logo of the flagship of the White Star Line, a cook’s cap, and a passenger’s travel bag.

RMS Titanic, Inc. is the only company permitted by law to recover objects from the wreck of Titanic. The Company was granted Salvor-in-Possession rights to the wreck site of Titanic by a United States federal court in 1994 and has conducted seven research and recovery expeditions to the Titanic, recovering more than 5,500 artefacts.

The Titanic now rests more than 3,800 meters below the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean.The exhibition will run until September 15./.