Duong Lam villagers open rice based tours

(VEN) – “The 9th century village of Duong Lam offers the possibility to create an agro-economic breakthrough if it invests in rice-based tourism,” Chairwoman of the Union of Science for Sustainable Tourism Development (USSTD) Nguyen Thu Hanh said.


Duong Lam, located near Hanoi within the Red River Delta is renowned as the birthplace of two Vietnamese kings. The village, regarded as a national heritage site due to its well preserved houses still has over 70 percent of its population devoted to farming. In the past, their rice products were just considered as food; but now, villagers have successfully combined these products with tourism and developed unique rice-based travel products able to generate stable income for locals who want to help preserve the old village.

At a conference on preserving Duong Lam recently held in Hanoi, USSTD Chairwoman Nguyen Thu Hanh said “When farmers benefit from the fields they will be more aware of the values of their historical legacy and their duty to preserve the village.”

According to Hanh, the unique rice-based travel products that Duong Lam offers includes effigy contest, sleeping in rice fields, stargazing, camping, firefly-simulated lighting, barbecue picnicking, straw fashion show, and local singing competition. It is expected that these travel products will help promote the village of Duong Lam as a well known tourist destination.

Duong Lam villagers can develop tours which feature daily rural life as a way of exploring the countryside. Tourists may have opportunity to farm rice, pick crabs, see storks in the fields, fish pick lotus, and go boating; and they could also enjoy meals such as Tet Rice and King Rice, with Duong Lam’s traditional dishes.

Nguyen Thu Hanh’s initiative has received the support of many scientists and travel experts. Vice Rector of National University of Civil Engineering Pham Hung Cuong said “Tourism development activities in Duong Lam are necessary and important to promote Duong Lam’s image, economic development, and preservation. However, these activities must be strictly controlled to avoid negative impacts to the conservation of the village. Moreover, travel services and program training should be provided for Duong Lam villagers so that they can be able to offer visitors most interesting tours.”

The village of Duong Lam, located in the Red River Delta is a well-known tourist destination for domestic and international tourists and photographers./.

By Thanh Tam