Dung Quat refinery imported 80,000 tons of crude oil


​Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Co., Ltd (BSR) has just finished pumping 80,000 tons of crude oil in to Dung Quat refinery in the afternoon of June 12.

​The source was released by BSR, a manager and operator of the Vietnam’s first 130,000bpd refinery under smooth running in Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai province.

The volume of crude oil is said to have been exploited at Vietnam’s Bach Ho (White Tiger) crude oil field.

Since being put into operation in 2009, the refinery has so far imported 300 batches of crude oil with total volume of 23,950,000 MT, of which 20,575,000 MT came from Bach Ho.

Besides Bach Ho crude oil, BSR also bought crude oil from foreign countries of Libya, Ạzerbaijan, Brunei, Malaysia.

The company will forward crude oil imports from foreign countries in the future to replace Bach Ho crude oil, the source said.

It will initiatively search stable suppliers in the world for the refinery’s input in the future.

In the first five month of the year, BSR sold 2.7 million tons of refinery’s products to domestic markets with total revenue of 60 trillion VND (over 2.8 billion USD) and paid 10,000 billion in taxes. However, it also imported 3.1 million tons of crude oil, fulfilling 51 percent of the plan set forth for the year.

Thu Huong

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