City’s CPI bounces back after three months

Minh Tam

According to a report of the HCMC Statistics Office released on Thursday, there are only four out of 11 commodity groups seeing price hikes this month. However, the most-weighted group in the commodity basket pushes up CPI.

The group of food and catering services making up over 40% of the basket rises by 0.33% from last month as food and dining-out services increase by 0.43% and 0.4% respectively while foodstuff does not fall as sharply as in previous months, dropping by only 0.12%.

The three other rising groups are beverage-tobacco with 0.27%, apparel-hat-footwear with 0.26% and culture-entertainment-tourism with 0.57%.

Meanwhile, there are four groups with price drops this month. The group of housing, electricity, gas and building materials falls by 0.36%; the traffic group declines by 0.18%; and the respective falls of the post-telecom group and the group of other goods and services are 0.21% and 0.13%.

The three remaining groups of the commodity basket which are household equipment-utensils, medicine-healthcare services and education have their prices unchanged.

Overall, CPI in HCMC has gone up by 0.78% after six months and by 2.78% compared to last June.