British newspaper praises Cong Tri’s close-to-nature designs

VietNamNet Bridge – British online newspaper – The Independent – wrote that Vietnamese fashion designers Cong Tri has helped change the face of contemporary fashion in Vietnam in the past 10 years.

Designer Cong Tri (middle).Designer Cong Tri (middle).

After the success of the collection No: 06: Mushroom at the London Fashion Week 2013, designer Cong Tri was invited to the contemporary art exhibition titled “Second Nature”. The event takes place at Pitzhangar Gallery, London, from 17/5 until 7/7.

In the photo shoot introducing this exhibition, The Independent made the following caption for a design by Cong Tri: “Couturier Cong Tri has been changing the face of contemporary fashion in Vietnam for the last decade. His laboured pieces are structurally based on the organic forms occurring naturally in the outdoors, with the mushroom a particularly strong reference point.”

Cong Tri’s designs at the exhibition “Second Nature”.

The exhibition “Second Nature” groups up more than 40 designers and artists of world fame such as Dai Rees, Leandro Cano, Nora Fok, Simon Costin and Yasemen Hussein, Donna Karan, Roksanda Ilinic, Zandra Rhodes, Roland Mouret, Giles Deacon, Fyodor Golan, Peter Pilotto, Nigel Cabourn, Jaeger, Temperley London, Laura Ashley and Lara Jensen. The designs presented in this event to help audiences discover unique relationship between fashion design and the natural environment.

The picture of Cong Tri’s “No: 06″ collection at London Fashion Week 2013.

Moreover, “Second Nature” helps people understand that the relationship between fashion and nature is the almost permanent relationship. The environment always has a strong influence on the design, modeling, materials and production in the fashion industry. The exhibition also helps people explore the impact of animals and plants on the fashion industry for many years.

At this event, each designer reveales the aesthetic view of his own by using natural materials in their collections.

T. Van