Breeding Industry to Be Restructured


Referring to breeding industry development of Vietnam, recently, Mr Hoang Kim Giao – former Director of the Animal Breeding Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development had a short exchange with Vietnam Business Forum. Nguyen Thanh reports.

Breeding industry of Vietnam is said to exploit its maximum capacity. What is your opinion on this issue?

It is not an accurate opinion. Meat consumption in Vietnam is fairly lower compared to other countries. Particularly, average meat consumption per person in the world reaches 80kg per person per year, while this figure in Vietnam is only 46kg per person per year. Average egg consumption in the world is 150 eggs per person per year, this figure in Vietnam is 67 eggs per person per year. So it can be understood that domestic breeding industry will have many opportunities to develop thanks to increasing domestic demand.

But how can domestic breeding industry develop while it still depends much on foreign enterprises?

It is a worrying situation that the industry has to face due to weak financial capacity of domestic enterprises, little state investments and fluctuating breeding food prices.

Vietnam has not paid much attention on breeding development, therefore the amount and quality of breeds are not as high as those of foreign enterprises. Particularly, quality of pig breed cannot be compared with that of foreign enterprises. The number of Vietnamese pig breeds and their capacity of gaining weight are still lower than that of foreign enterprises.

At the same time, food consumption rate in Vietnamese breeding enterprises is higher than that of foreign enterprises. It can be said that they outperform us in every aspect, from technology to management ability. However we must accept because Vietnamese breeding industry is on its way of development, this is a period of gathering experiences and technologies and targeting to complete industrial breeding model.

So what has the agriculture done to deal with difficulties?

In a project of restructuring the agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has policies on this issue. The Ministry has directed enterprises and farmers to increase quality and improve productivity in order raise product quantity.

New management model of product chain is also encouraged. Small household farmers will be arranged and collected into a connected chain through cooperatives or breeding club to extend production in each farm. Breeding units have to comply with GAP standards in given time. Breeding industry will shifted from household model to controlled, planned breeding farms.

Moreover, the Ministry will promote researches and high technology transmission; household economy is encouraged to specialize. Breeding units must apply technology to upgrade added value of the breeding industry. Only then breeding industry can survive and be competitive in the country.