Government to consider proposal for non-explosion firecrackers

VietNamNet Bridge – Chief of the Government Office – Mr. Vu Duc Dam said the government will consider the proposal for the use of entertainment firecrackers in Vietnam. However, the amendment of the relevant legal documents to pave the way for it not only depends on the Government.

Government spokesman Vu Duc Dam.Government spokesman Vu Duc Dam.

At a government press conference on May 26, Dam said the ban of firecrackers is regulated by legal documents. If the policy changes, the documents must be modified. However, the adjustment of the law is based on the National Assembly’s agenda, not only the wish of the government.

Major General Tran Van Ve, Deputy Director of the General Department of Social Order and Safety Administration Police, said the firecrackers without explosion is produced and distributed by Z121, a factory of the Ministry of Defense.

Major General Tran Van Ve said the Government’s Decree 36 on the management and use of firecrackers does not prohibit this type of firecracker. After testing, the authorities have recognized that this firecracker is environmentally friendly and can be brought to market. Some countries also produce this firecracker and called them toy fireworks.

Major General Tran Van Ve said Z121 Factory needs to register the product quality, fully meet the technical requirements, environmental protection and the product must be approved by relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

“Then we will amend Circular 08 (guiding the implementation of Decree 36) to bring the product into life, perhaps the Lunar New Year 2014,” Ve added.

Colonel Nguyen Khac Hoi, Z121 Factory director, said the production of fireworks and explosive accessories in Vietnam has been exclusively implemented by the factory for years.

Hoi said entertainment firecrackers create lighting and sound effects without causing explosion. The chemicals used to manufacture this kind of firecrackers are harmless, non-combustible and non-explosive. Currently, the plant produces about 10 types of firecrackers, which have been tested with high efficiency.

Xuan Mai