Ford chooses Friday as no honking day

Hung Le

No Honking Day will be promoted through social media, encouraging young people to change their behavior with horn usage for a better and safer traffic culture.

The company said DSFL and No Honking Day are intended to make Vietnam’s roads safer, and help drivers better understand, and practice, safe and responsible driving.

To further its road safety initiatives in Vietnam, last year Ford Vietnam coordinated and launched its grass roots ‘No Honking’ campaign. The No Honking campaign is designed to raise awareness about the prevalent and inappropriate use of vehicle horns in Vietnam and its adverse effect on road safety.

The campaign started with several online and offline activities, and immediately gained support of Vietnamese people. Two successful events, called Silent Night and City Sound, helped further raise awareness of the campaign, and today there are more than 10,000 fans on Ford’s No Honking Facebook page, helping spread the word on the proper use of vehicle horns.

Ford’s Driving Skills for Life program has found wide acceptance among customers and other driving groups across the country, with over 6,000 people trained since the launch in 2008 of the program. More than 1,000 are expected to participate in DSFL training sessions this year.

The message and content of the DSFL program has been continually refined in Vietnam over its first five years to better suit the local environment and social context of Vietnamese drivers.

This year, Ford Vietnam’s DSFL program has added an increased emphasis on techniques that help improve fuel economy in order for drivers to minimize their environmental footprint, while helping to save money at the pump as fuel prices in Vietnam continue to rise.