Entrepreneur Vo Thi Lan: Bright Heart, High Stature


Not only a very successful businesswoman, Ms Vo Thi Lan, Director of Tam Lan – Tay Ninh Tea Company Limited, is also very well-known for benevolence. She is not a fairy but there are few people as altruistic in real life, as she is constantly easing the misery of the ill-fated, the poor, the orphans, the disabled and even the homeless elderly.

The more successful her business is, the more she gives to the poor and the unlucky. Indeed, the life of successful entrepreneur Vo Thi Lan, the mother of Tam Lan tea brand, never lacks philanthropy. She actively participates in thanking activities, presents charity houses, and donates school equipment and books to students. Particularly, she generously supports the Elderly Fund, the Agent Orange Victims Fund, the Fund for the Poor, the Stone Contribution for Truong Sa Construction Programme, and the Truong Sa Student Support Programme. Moreover, she adopted 20 orphans.

She carries out philanthropic work quietly and personally, not through any institution. She does this to remember her own hard times and to thank the world for giving her the opportunity to be successful in life and in business. Whenever she hears that someone seriously ill, whose treatment by hospitals has been unsuccessful until he/she uses Tam Lan teabags in combination with other foods like Tam Lan Pine Needle Oil and Glucosamin, is getting well, she will visit him/her wherever he/she is living to ask for his/her health conditions, and present some gifts like Tam Lan Pine Needle Oil and Tam Lan Teabag – the products her company makes and then quietly say goodbye to him/her. And so, the list of philanthropic trips is getting longer and the number of people helped is getting more. She feels very happy when more people are happy because of her help. Her kind heart is truly perfect because she not only brings material gifts but also joy, luck and belief in life for many people. Poverty may take away many things except for humanity.

She is never worried about her old age and distance, or she does not care much about how much money and effort are spent. She travels from Tien Giang down to Ca Mau and goes back to Binh Phuoc and Tay Ninh. She never hesitates to go to places in need of help and sharing. She feels very happy and relaxed when she does such meaningful work. She said, “Going that much and long makes me tired but I feel very happy. My happiest moment is when I receive phone calls or letters of appreciation from recovered patients far and wide. I see it as my greatest happiness and as my reason for living.”

In her sixties, Vo Thi Lan does not want to rest because she still feels love for this world. She still manages her company to contribute more to the country, still goes here and there to bring the warm breath of compassion and humanity to the unlucky. For her, real happiness only comes when she sees with her own eyes and feels with her own senses what she makes for others. That is also the greatness of simplicity, stature, talent and bright heart of entrepreneur Vo Thi Lan. And, she well deserves being honoured as a philanthropic entrepreneur.

Tam Lan Tea Company has been operating for more than four years. At first, the company was a small production facility and its products were not immediately accepted by consumers. But shortly after people began using the products, they came to the company to buy more.

Currently, Tam Lan – Tay Ninh Tea Company Limited is now running a modern production factory with more than 200 employees, nearly half of whom were very poor before being recruited by Madam Lan. The company’s teabag meets food hygiene and safety standards of the Ministry of Health. Tea is grown and processed in a closed technological process to ensure hygiene and quality. Product designs are solely registered.

To date, the company has more than 500 branches and retail outlets across the country. The firm is also looking to export its products to foreign markets. Tam Lan Tea is good for health as it helps refresh body, detoxify, prevent inflammation, prevent gastrointestinal disorders, cure gastric ulcer, tumours (uterus, breast, prostate, etc.), high blood pressure, etc. Tam Lan tea is an ideal refreshment after heavy physical exercise. Apart from Tam Lan teabags, the company also produces Tam Lan Pine Needle Oil and Tam Lan Glucosamine and imports some products from South Korea.

Bich Thuy