45th anniversary of Tet Offensive


(VOVworld) – 45 years ago, Vietnam launched an offensive that propelled the national revolution into a new period. To commemorate this occasion, the Quan Doi Nhan Dan or People’s Army newspaper carried articles and photos today about the 1968 Tet offensive, also known as the Mau Than Offensive. The newspaper also ran an editorial calling the offensive “of great historic significance” and “a glorious historic milestone in national history”. The event was a turning point in the Vietnamese war against the US army. The offensive became a symbol of Vietnam’s strong will and staunch spirit and the creativity of the Vietnamese people’s war.

In spring 1968, Vietnamese people and army launched offensives in 4 cities and 37 townships attacking almost all central and local offices of the US and the Vietnamese Puppet Regime including the US Embassy, the Independence Palace, the Military Command and Sai Gon radio station. Key officials of the enemy were annihilated and a large amount of their weapons and logistics facilities were destroyed. The offensive foiled the US combat plan in the southern front, shaking the White House, the Pentagon and the whole US.


The Southern Women’s Museum has opened an exhibition titled ” Sai Gon- Gia Dinh women in the 1968 Mau Than offensive to mark the 83rd founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and 45th anniversary of the offensive. The 170 images and exhibits on display highlight southern women’s contribution and recall the glorious heroic days of the Vietnamese people and army during the 1968 offensive. Vu Minh Nghia, a former Sai Gon- Gia Dinh secret agent, says: “In the 1968 Mau Than campaign, our unit attacked the back gate of the Independence Palace. I was arrested at the first attack but I knew that my comrades continued with other 2 and 3 attacks. At that time, all women in out units were determined to fulfill tasks assigned by the Party. The victory of the 1968 Mau Than campaign was our common victory. Living in peace now, younger generation need to bring into play their youthfulness to contribute to the nation.

The exhibition continues until May 30.