Vietnamese fans sleep overnight at airport to wait for Kpop idols

Many Vietnamese young people slept overnight at Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport to await their Kpop idols despite rainy and cold weather.

The fans carefully prepared bannes to welcome their South Korean idols.


Fans of South Korea’s T-ara pop group arrived at the airport some days ago.

In an effort to make the most of a very rare opportunity to meet their idols in real life, many young people decided to greet them as they arrived at the airport.

Many fans even decided to stay overnight at the airport in case the flight changed due to poor weather.

However, several South Korean bands including DBSK, Kara, Beast, Miss A and B1A4, and B.A.P landed at the airport by special aircraft at 10 am this morning and then left through the VIP gate upsetting local fans and showing a disregard for the efforts made by hundreds of young people.

A number of the fans left the airport but many intend to track their stars to their hotels in the capital.

The K-pop Festival will be held at My Dinh National Stadium on the evening of November 29.






Young people eager to see their idols



Despite being tired, many continued to wait for their stars




Many slept overnight at Noi Bai Airport to welcome their bands

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