Transportation Battalion 987 practices combat readiness

PANO – The Transportation Battalion 987 under the Department of Logistics, Tank-Armoured Arm on Sept.20th organized a combat readiness training coded LT-12.


The two-day practice focused on shifting to higher level of combat readiness including the transfer of part of its force and vehicles to an evacuated area to prepare for the combat.

Colonel Pham Dang Tien, Deputy Head in charge of logistics of the Arm and head of the steering board of the practice, said that the LT-12 coded practice aimed to improve directing and management skills and competence among cadres at all levels, the coordination ability, preparation and practice for leaders of organs and units under the Battalion.

The practice ended with very good results, ensuring the secrecy and safety of force as well as equipment and firm coordination with local authorities and bettering public mobilization in the evacuated area.

Translated by Mai Huong