iPhone 5 will not cause a heat wave in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese smart phone dealers have been making hectic preparations to import the iPhone 5 right after it hits the market. However, analysts do not think that the sixth generation iPhone would cause a fever on the market like the previous generations did in the past.


Mai Phu Phong, Director of PhonGee distribution chain in HCM City said on September 10 that the distributor is following necessary steps to be able to bring iPhone 5 to Vietnam as soon as possible.

“Hundreds of customers have contacted us to order the iPhone 5. We strive to have the iPhone 5 on sale just 16-24 hours after the first iPhone 5s launch into the world market,” Phong said.

He went on to say that by that time, at least five iPhone 5s would be arriving in Vietnam. The number would be tens of products after two days.

Regarding the iPhone 5 supply sources, Phong said the distributor has no worries about the supplies, because it has suppliers in the biggest markets such as Australia, the UK, the US or Singapore. The suppliers would queue up for buying iPhone 5s, or make online orders and carry to Vietnam across the border.

Nguyen Anh Van, Manager of Cellphones Shop in Hanoi also said Cellphones has its supply sources in foreign countries who can support bringing the iPhone 5s to Vietnam soon. However, Van said the distribution chain is still listening for the situation, while it does not strive to bring iPhone 5s to Vietnam soon at any costs.

Van said the market is not “seething” as initially expected, while the number of clients ordered iPhone 5s to date has not been very high. He also said that Cellphones has not received deposits from clients, because it still cannot be sure about the sale prices.

Sharing the same view with Cellphones, Anh Vu, Director of Gia Vu Mobile in Hanoi, said he is still awaiting the information relating to iPhone 5 to kick off a new business wave. Vu affirmed that iPhone 5s would be available at Gia Vu Mobile chain two days after the super-product hit the world market.

Meanwhile, according to Tran Quang Anh, Director of Nhat Cuong Mobile in Hanoi, Nhat Cuong does not intend to join the “iPhone 5 race,” believing that the sixth generation iPhone products in Vietnam would not make the market seething like iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 successfully did.

Some private smart phone companies said that people nowadays do not strive to buy new products right after they hit the market, but they tend to wait for some time and only buy products later, when the product prices go down.

They also said that the supply sources are now profuse. Especially, products can be carried to Vietnam across the border via aviation. Therefore, new products would be available in Vietnam soon, and customers would not have to wait too long to obtain the favorite products.

“Very few clients in Vietnam would buy iPhone 5s at any costs,” Van said, affirming that iPhone 5s could be sold at 25 million dong at maximum, while the 35-40 million dong threshold, which iPhone 4 once touched in 2010, would be unattainable this time.

Phong also said that though some clients want to have iPhone 5s as soon as possible to satisfy their curiosity or give the iPhone 5s to others as gifts, the number of people is modest. Therefore, he thinks mobile phone distributors would not spend too much money to polish their images by putting iPhone 5s on sales soon.

The director of Gia Vu Mobile also thinks that iPhone series have become familiar to Vietnamese people, therefore, iPhone 5 would be too attractive to them.

Buu Dien