FPT Retail licensed as Apple’s 3rd premium reseller in VN

FPT Retail, an arm of FPT Corp, has launched F.Studio, the first store owned by the retail to be chain licensed as an Apple Premium Reseller in Vietnam, in the capital city of Hanoi.

The logo of Apple is seen on a product displayed at a store in Seoul August 24, 2012. Photo: REUTERS

The logo of Apple is seen on a product displayed at a store in Seoul August 24, 2012. Photo: REUTERS

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With the launch of F.Studio, FPT Retail has also officially renamed iStore Premium, the retailing chain of Apple’s products in Vietnam, to F.Store.

F.Studio’s main advantage is abundant supplies as well as the earliest possible sales for most Apple product following the tech company’s policy on prioritizing its products for the highest-level agents worldwide.

F.Studio also offer a more spacious and comfortable area, meeting Apple’s global standards for testing Apple products, while prices and other sales policies are the same as those previously offered at iStore Premium systems of FPT.

According to the agreement signed with FPT, F.Studio will be the final agent licensed by Apple as an Apple Premium Reseller in the domestic market, after Future World and iCenter, said Ngo Quoc Bao, Director of the Center for Apple product sales under FPT Retail.

Earlier, representatives of Apple conducted a field trip to Vietnam to learn about FPT Retail as well as another partner before coming to a final decision, he added.

However, as well as two other Apple tier-1 agents in Vietnam, F.Studio will not be allowed to sell iPhone models, including the upcoming iPhone 5, directly to local customers.

All iPhone are sold through a contract with local network operators, following Apple’s policies in many other countries.

However, as revealed by a representative of FPT Retail, next year Apple could change this business strategy and allow iPhones to be sold and distributed directly at the store.

This would be very convenient for local customers as selling policies via the network operators in Vietnam do not have the same advantages as in the United States.

FPT is the only local company with a full retail chain store following Apple’s model, including Apple Premium Reseller (level 1), Apple Authorized Reseller (level 2) and CES (Consumer Electronic Stores).

As expected, FPT Retail will open the second F.Studio in Ho Chi Minh City next Tuesday.