Exhibition shows lives of single moms with disabilities

Photos on display at the exhibition ( Image: Hang Thu )

Photos on display at the exhibition ( Image: Hang Thu )

Nhan Dan – Twenty-eight photographs featuring the lives of single mothers with disabilities are now on display at an exhibition entitled ‘Cactus Blooming’, which opened this morning at the Women and Development Centre in Hanoi.

The photos offer visitors an insight into the lives of seven disadvantaged single moms in Ba Vi and Son Tay districts of Hanoi, portraying who they are, how they became a single mother, and how they run their daily lives, as well as the difficulties they face and their hopes for the future.

The two-day event is part of the Community Development Center project sponsored by the Vietnam Bank for Social Policy and the British Council. It aims to raise funds to improve the lives of disabled single mothers and their children, and encourage them to become more confident and integrate into the community.