The Voice Vietnam makes strong debut

The Vietnamese adaptation of the famed Dutch singing talent contest “The Voice” has stepped into its first phase, the blind audition round, over the last weekend and blown a breath of fresh air into the local music industry, which has recently been plagued by music disasters and lip-syncing performances.

the voice

Coach Thu Minh (R) supports contestant Huong Tram after her performance at teh first blind audition night of The Voice vietnam on July 8. The young contestant was moved in tears seeign all 4 coaches wantign her for their teams.

Photo: Tuoi Tre

The competition, which is named “Giong Hat Viet” in Vietnamese, includes three rounds called blind audition, battle, and live performances. At the blind audition round, coaches turn their backs to contestants who perform on the stage. Once convinced by a voice, they will turn their chairs around and pick the contestant to form 14 member-teams.

Those teams, which will be mentored and developed by coaches, will compete with each other in the battle round, and the coaches will then select six contestants from each team to enter the next round.

In the final round, the remaining contestants will perform live shows for the public’s vote, which will decide the winner.

One thing that makes the contest more attractive is that in the blind audition round, contestants can refuse to be mentored by the coach who picks them and choose another one who they prefer. The coaches sometimes have to convince contestants to be on their teams.

The first blind audition night, broadcast on July 8, was opened by Nguyen Van Thang, the only contestant who sang rock, while other rivals chose pop and R&B. As people expected Thang, who also left an impression on Vietnam Idol 2010 with his guitar and rock melodies, chose rocker Tran Lap as his coach.

Some contestants performed Vietnamese songs while many others chose to bring world famous songs including Westlife’s “You Raised Me Up,” Duffy’s “Warwick Avenue” and Celine Dion’s “I Surrender” and “All By Myself” to the their stage and were well-received by the audience.

The most outstanding contestant that night was the 17-year-old girl from Nghe An, Huong Tram, who forced three judges, Thu Minh, Ho Ngoc Ha and Dam Vinh Hung, to turned their chairs to see her while she sang the first lines of the legendary Whitney Houston song “I will Always Love You.” The young girl also caused a “battle” between four coaches when the last judge, Tran Lap, turned his chair and convinced her to join his team.

After 16 performances, female pop singers Ho Ngoc Ha and Thu Minh each took 5 members for their teams while the gentlemen, Tran Lap and Dam Vinh Hung, were only able to attract one contestant each.

In their excitement over the contestants’ talent, many audience members have said “Giong Hat Viet” could become a strong competitor for other ongoing music shows including “Ngoi Nha Am Nhac” (Music House), “Vietnam Idol” and “Sao Mai – Diem Hen” (The Morning Star – The Rendezvous).

The next blind audition night of The Voice Vietnam will be broadcast at 9pm on VTV3 on July 15.