The odd stories about the 2012 university entrance exams

VietNamNet Bridge – Female students were asked to gather her hair into a bun. An examinee was asked to wear one more shirt. One student wrongly remembered the exam days. All of these were the odd things occurring at the latest university entrance exams.


Better safe than sorry

The HCM City Law University asked all the students with long hair to gather their hair into a bun to have their helix exposed before they entered the exam rooms.

The rule was set up in an effort to prevent the exam cheating to be conducted by the examinees with the support of headphones or hi-tech devices.

The stranger exam papers

At the entrance literature exam to the Vietnam Aviation Institute in Can Tho City, proctors discovered that the exam papers had two different colors. This was found when an examinee asked to give him one more exam paper.

The exam council then had to make a report about the trouble.

Getting the exam day wrong

Kim Ngan, a student from Tien Giang province, tried to convince the security guard in entering the exam room, when she was late for the exam.

Ngan was present at the school at 7.20 am on July 9, while other examinees arrived here at 6 am. She said she thought the exam would begin the next day, while she came to the school on the day just to follow necessary administrative procedures for the exams.

The grandmother – examinee

Nguyen Thi Phong, 56, in Phong Thinh commune of Thanh Chuong district in the central province of Nghe An, just attended the entrance university exam to the HCM City University of Social Sciences and Humanity, though she has two grandchildren already.

Phong said that she prepared intensively for the exams for two months. Though the knowledge seems to be unfamiliar to her, she still believes that her real-life experience would be her big advantage.

The student who was asked to wear one more shirt to attend exam

A male student entered the exam room in a special shirt. It was special because there were some mathematical formulas written down on the shirt.

Therefore, the exam council of the Hanoi University for Foreign Trade then gave the examinee a shirt and told him to put on to keep the formulas away from the examinee’s sight.

A lecturer of the school said he knows well of the tricks students regularly play to cheat at the exams. Therefore, shirts and trousers were ready to serve such examinees.

The drunk parent

At 9 am of July 5, TTA, an examinee stood at the school’s entrance door to wait for her parent. However, as she could not meet the parents, she decided to go home by taxi.

TTA’s father only returned to the school to pick up the daughter when he finished the drinks. Since the father could not see the daughter, he scolded noisily and accused the school of arresting the girl. Finally, the situation was settled with the intervention of the police.

Honesty makes a student fail

A student, who attended the entrance exams to the HCM City Transport University, was reportedly asked to leave the exam room before the exam finished, because he was too honest.

The student suddenly recalled that the mobile phone was still on his pocket. Though no one knew about this, the student still decided to hand in the phone to the proctors.

Attending exams with a knife

Nguyen Van Cuong brought a knife with him when entering the exam room. He forced other examinees to show their exam papers. As he was refused, he threatened to kill the examinees and proctors.

Kim Chi