Quang Tri students join military semester 2012

PANO – 88 ‘young soldiers’, including 16 schoolgirls, in the age group of 14-17, participated in the military summer semester 2012, “How Steel Was Tempered”, in Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province, on June 22nd.

The 10-day military class was organised by the Quang Tri Union of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth, in association with the Provincial Military High Command and Department of Education and Training.

88 'young soldiers' at the opening ceremony

88 'young soldiers' at the opening ceremony

During this course, trainees will learn about national defence, environmental protection, fitness, self-control and responsibility in the atmosphere of military discipline.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Deputy-Secretary of the Quang Tri Youth Union, affirmed that the military class will help participants be aware of their shortcomings and their abilities in order to become a good citizen. Through the program, the organizing panel also hopes that troops of the Vietnam People’s Army will contribute to building up a future dynamic, creative and patriotic young generation for the country.

Translated by Van Hieu