Bar-code ID cards to be applied

A new form of identity card will be piloted in Hanoi in the third quarter of this year before being introduced to all citizens nationwide in 2016, according to a circular of the Ministry of Public Security.

New ID cards will be managed through a national database, which will help improve management of citizens, avoiding the current situation in which a person may have, by some oversight, 2 or 3 ID cards, and 2 or 3 people may have the same ID number.

Besides basic information about the cardholder, which is already present on the current ID cards, the new kind of card will also include information about the parents of the card holders.

Each new card will have a 2D bar code that stores personal identification details, including fingerprints.

The fee for a new ID card is VND20,000-30,000 (US$1.44). In case a card must be regranted, the fee will be VND60,000-70,000.

The Ministry of Public Security is working with the Justice Ministry to discuss the possible use of new ID numbers as citizen codes, which will then be used in a wider scope, not only within the police sector.

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