Quang Dung returns as first guest judge for local “Dancing with the Stars”

Local filmmaker Nguyen Quang Dung, who judged last year’s “Buoc nhay hoan vu”, will come back to be the show’s first guest judge to appear this weekend in Hanoi.

Filmmaker Nguyen Quang DungPhoto: Tuoitre

Now in its third season, the Vietnamese adaptation of the popular reality show “Dancing with the Stars” kicked off last week with ten pairs of contestants showing off their singing and dancing skills in a non-competitive opening night.

A familiar face on the panels of many television reality shows, including Vietnam Idol 2010, Dung is well known as a rising filmmaker for his romantic comedies like “Nu hon than chet” (The Death’s Kiss), “Giai cuu than chet” (Saving the Death), and “Nhung nu hon ruc ro” (Bright Kisses).

Known for his humorous and sharp comments, Dung will work alongside the show’s regular judges, including the dance sport champions Khanh Thi – Chi Anh and music composer Quoc Bao, in the first competing night of the show this week.

To add variety to the show, producers have invited different guest judges to appear on different nights, and they must be a figure working in the entertainment industry and “have a good sense of humor and sharp critical mind”.

The show’s 10 pair of contestants, made up of one top local celebrity and one European professional dancer, will compete in the cha cha cha and the waltz for their first two routines this weekend.

In related news, in last week’s opening show, teen-pop singer Minh Hang and partner Minh Quan, who teamed up for a piece of the famous musical “Phantom of the Opera”, have been criticized for using the voice of classic singer Lan Anh to dub Minh Hang’s performance, as her weak voice could not reach the high notes.

Lan Anh said she was not asked for permissions and the pair did not inform audiences of the voice mixing.

Since viewers voiced their anger at being deceived, the show’s producers and singer Minh Quan, who was responsible for mixing the last recording, have publicly apologized.

The next episode of “Dancing with the Stars” will be held on March 25 at Quan Ngua Sport Stadium in Hanoi and broadcast live on national channel VTV3.