Rubbish awaiting waste treatment plant, while factories awaiting rubbish

In the past, local residents in Long An province dreamed of having a rubbish treatment plant which can treat hundreds of thousands of tons of rubbish a day. Their dream has come true when a modern rubbish treatment plant has been set up. However, the plant now has no rubbish to treat.

In early 2010, the construction of the first rubbish treatment plant in Long An was kicked off. With the designed capacity of 400 tons per day, the treatment plant is believed to basically clear off the rubbish which had always been the burning issue in the locality for years.

However, the rubbish treatment plant has not been put into operation yet, because local officials have not signed the contracts on providing rubbish to the plant.

Rubbish still awaiting to be treated

For the last tens of years, local residents in Loi Binh Nhon Commune in Tan An City, have been suffering from the open-air dumping ground which has become overloaded and polluted to the water resources and the air. The local authorities were determined to fill in the dumping ground and give the fresh atmosphere to the city.

However, the local authorities still could not find the places where to carry rubbish to. Therefore, Loi Binh Nhon continues to be the main rubbish dumping ground of the city, while the environment in the area has become seriously polluted.

Like Tan An City, every district in Long An province has an open air dumping ground which are marked as the “black points” in the environment map.

The rubbish dump in Nha Tho hamlet of Can Duoc town is one of such terrible dumping grounds. Local dwellers in the areas either breathe the terrible smell from the ground, or the smoke from burnt rubbish. A lot of local residents have to “evacuate” to other places, while children have been sent to their relatives to avoid the pollution.

Rubbish treatment plant awaiting rubbishThe Long An provincial authorities led the red carpet to welcome the investor who registered to build the Thanh Hoa rubbish waste treatment plant.

On February 5, 2010, the construction of the plant was kicked off in Thanh Hoa district, in a thinly populated area, enclosed with cajuput forest. The plant is believed to have a lot of advantages: it uses modern technology, creates useful products, including organic fertilizer and recycled plastics, while the dumping percentage if just five percent, thus not causing pollution to the environment.

The Thanh Hoa rubbish treatment plant is expected to collect rubbish from all districts in Long An province to treat and basically settle the problem for the next tens of years.

However, 18 months after the construction was kicked off, the plant has not been completed. Except the Highway No 62 which links to the project area, other construction items remain half-done.

A representative of the rubbish treatment project has said that to date, only 4 out of the 14 localities in Long An province has signed the contracts on rubbish treatment with the plant. Therefore, commercial banks still do not dare to lend money to implement the project.

To date, the investor has just invested 50 billion dong out of 400 billion dong to build the project’s items.

On the day when the project was kicked off 20 months ago, Nguyen Van Thiep, the then Director of the Long An provincial Department for Natural Resources and the Environment, signed an agreement on treating rubbish with the investor of the plant. However, Thiep has left his post to take another office, and it remains unknown what will happen.

Source: Lao dong